Enterprise Culture

Spirit: Dedicated, Enterprising, Credible, Innovative
Execution Concept: Cultivate People by Morality, Manage People by Regulations, Execution Uppermost, Effectiveness First
Management Norm:
Employment Principle: Judge people by performance and comprehensive ability, be oriented at people
Emergency Management: I will obey if there is responsible person, I will be responsible if there is not.
Successful Positioning: Do right things (high level), do things correctly (medium level), repeatedly do the same thing correctly (lower level)
Image Concept: Be based on talent and technology, create the best products and services

Operation Concept: Market operation centers on customers, enterprise operation centers on people
Innovation Concept: Keep pace with the times, do pioneering work through technology
Quality Concept: Quality is the first life of the enterprise
Service Concept: Make customers more satisfied
Development: Meet the demands of customers with the lowest cost, the highest efficiency, the highest speed and the best service
Tenet of Staff Norm: Enterprise development, staff happiness, technology entrepreneurship, return the society
Standard of Customer Concept: Sincere, fair, optimistic, confident, grateful, diligent, pragmatic, Never Be Satisfied, Be Proud of Achievements

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